Being green: how to become part of the solution on climate crisis

We, as a species, are facing an unprecedented challenge to our survival. All studies point that within the next few years, we will reach a carbon level in the atmosphere that will trigger an unstoppable chain of disasters precipitating human extinction.

Summits and international agreements are inefficient as they come in the way of the economy. However the economy is in turn driven by consumerism. What if we could shift consumer behaviour toward a zero carbon footprint economy?

It is time to adopt sustainable practices to live a simpler, more fulfilling life. Easy habits to pick up that eventually redefines our relationship with health, wealth and happiness.

Green Life proposition is simple: deliver daily reminders about how to achieve a waste free living. It will then elevates recommendation towards climate positive action so you become climate Jedi.

It does nothing else. There has been enough protests but it is now time for change. You don't sing about change. You implement it. You become an actor. This is just what Green Life empowers you to do.

Did someone say that no one is too small to make a difference? All the small things are already within our reach. Reuse glass and plastic bottles. Mend and repair. Shop locally. Turn inefficiencies into opportunities. You are simply putting your soul back into every gesture! It grants you with a feeling a gratitude in the process. Gratitude about a lifestyle in harmony with the environment. Appreciation for the small things that surround us. Have you seen that flower that grows in the middle of the road?

This is more than just being a mindful consumer. This is a fantastic journey from realising how we were sold the throwaway life and how leaving both gives us salute and hope.

The first stage that you reach is freedom. Mindless consumerism has no hold of you. Things start to look a bit different. You are mindful. You care about what you have. You reclaim the space and time that the rat race living stole from you.

The second stage is happiness. You realise that you don't miss the material life. You are free from the trap of cheap thrills. Those shallow escapes that reduce you to a life of small addiction... Take away coffee. Crisps. Snacks. News headlines. Cheap booze. TV. Blockbusters. Sports cars. Holidays on an island. It's not having what you want. It's wanting what you have. It becomes clear once you've stepped back out of it. You realise you've been unconscious for most of your life. The less you have the happier you are. As cliche as it might sound. This is the path to peaceful place deep inside you.

This leads to the last stage: wealth. You will realise that the most valuable commodity in life is the feeling you get when you give. Gratitude is the currency that leads to true wealth. We are all on a different journey but random acts of kindness create short but powerful bonds between humans. It's how trees look after each other. Their roots are interlaced so it will distribute the water absorbed to the most needy so the forest can survive.

Green Life is a way to do away with the toxic relationships we have with our fundamentals human needs.

We are part still of nature. This is why reconnecting with our soul where our roots is the same as doing the little deeds that helps the environment. Such is gratitude as found in nature. We get much more back from nature by looking after it rather than destroying it. This is true at both a human and also personal level.

Most of us know that recycling is good but what else is there? Maybe we know a thing or two that we can contribute? For instance, I like having all my work appliances on a power stripe that I can switch off with a single push. Green Life allows you to contribute what works for you. It becomes the wisdom of the crowd.

Bad habits are hard to lose while good habits are hard to form. We act as a gentle reminder about the good habits. So that it becomes a second nature. So that, in fact, it becomes nature itself. It delivers small actionable suggestions. The adoption of those suggestions will allow for a measurable co2 reduction. It is something that, at scale, will give us the time we need to figure out to reverse the co2 trend. It will give us the keys to a life that you can not buy. Life was never for sale in the first place.

The growth by community aspect also ensure local initiatives in your geographical areas are taken into account. Can milk and fresh bakeries be delivered to your door? We'll certainly let you know about that if it is the case.

Our survival depends on becoming carbon neutral but the journey will go beyond. One might argue that a fraction of the population producing zero waste does not make up for the rest of the world consuming and wasting as usual. This is where Green Life will push for climate positive action. Yes we can make up for the rest of the world emissions by capturing co2 in the atmosphere. The carbon that oil companies should never have released can be recaptured through carbon fixing. Individuals can subscribe to program to reverse climate change. Carbon fixing solution are emerging. It is indeed about turning the vast excess of co2 in the atmosphere into stone. Green Life is partnering with climate positive actors to make sure you can be contribute as efficiently as you can.

Time for change is now. Let's start being part of the solution. Right now. Please take part in the Green Life initiative.

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