GreenLife proposes a solution to shift consumer market toward a zero carbon footprint economy now

Green Life has launched a solution to reduce domestic carbon emissions. It delivers daily suggestions to help embrace sustainable living. These are simple notifications expecting to reduce consumer emissions by helping the shift toward a zero carbon footprint economy.

Green Life is an application of the theory of nudges specifically targeted to tackle the climate crisis by suggesting easy changes in our everyday life. A systemic change can be achieved once a critical mass of users reacts as a single stream of consciousness to Green Life nudges.

The proposition is that those changes naturally help to live a simpler, more fulfilling life through easy to pick up habits that eventually redefines our relationship with health, wealth and happiness.

Green Life is a non profit organisation and is community driven. The community is at the heart of our model and allows for content as well as regional initiatives to be tailored to the user geolocation. Every group, policy and local initiative work in symbiosis with Green Life. Community leaders can easily spin up their own scene. This decentralised growth model allows for strongholds to settle rapidly and content to stay relevant. Actions that matter globally start locally. The growth model reflects how the earth should heal: like antibodies activating all over an afflicted body. The environment connects everything from our shelter to our economy and Green Life recognises that growth model as its own.

Can the climate crisis be tackled by individuals?

The consumer shift toward a waste free lifestyle will, at scale, create a market segment for the green new deal economy. Opportunities will arise then to turn to climate positive actions that can make up for emerging countries emissions. Carbon fixing solutions are parts of the solution being pushed for. This means that even a fraction of the population can not only show that consuming does not mean wasting. But also, some of us can start effectively offsetting emission for their larger counterparts.

Green Life is finishing crowdfunding and actively recruiting like-minded people. The global notification network is growing rapidly, it is now expected to deliver over 100,000 read notifications by the end of the year. The situation shows that behaviour change needs to urgently ripple through society. This has driven early adoption and growth.

Adopting sustainable behaviours through Green Life could be driven by choice. However, the drive is now an urgent requirement to adapt or to accept we shall become extinct. Green Life is the voice of those whose youth has already sacrificed, the voice of those who seek climate justice through action rather than words.

It's in our Hands

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