Green Life needs you!

My name is Change. My name is Climate Justice. My name is your name.

But right now, my name is Yann... The cause is so much bigger than me. The proposition is so unique that it needs to come true.

Won't you (or someone you know) please, please help me? The project needs:

  1. Social hero 🦸‍♀️ You will be given access to a portal to orchestrate multiple campaigns based on a suggestion schedule. Exciting stuff!
  2. Content king 👑 You harvest the web for tips on reusability, local green initiatives, all things helping reduce waste. You can then go beyond damage control: climate positive change like carbon fixing and circular economy. This is ambitious but rewarding!
  3. Ring leaders 💍
    1. Regional leaders: Green Life content is UK centric but I realise councils, grants and communities are different in each region. You can bring your own proximity knowledge to increase the relevance of each suggestion.
    2. Salut! Tschüß! Hälsa! We need international community leaders! If you think you can start Green Life in your own country, I will gladly help you spin up a Green Life scene in your country!

There are plenty more you're also more than welcome to pick. I would be more than happy to compensate you with recommendation, work experience, merchandising and mentoring should you need anything from me. Ask me anything.

You know I need someone

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