About Us

We, as a species, are facing an unprecedented challenge to our survival. All studies point that within the next few years, we will reach a carbon level in the atmosphere that will trigger an unstoppable chain of climate disasters sowing the seeds for human extinction.

Awareness, protests, government policies and generally “big ideas” are often inefficient as they come in the way of the economy. The economy is in turn driven by consumerism. What if we could shift consumer behaviour toward a zero-carbon footprint and sustainable economy?

This is our proposition: adopting sustainable practices to live a simpler, greener and more fulfilling life. Easy habits to pick up that eventually redefines our relationship with health, wealth and happiness.

GreenLife shall be the medium to materialize the radical consumer behaviour change needed to tackle the climate emergency. It will be achieved by suggesting small changes in our everyday life. A systemic change will be achieved once a critical mass of users reacts as a single stream of consciousness to GreenLife's nudges.

There are many ways you can contribute. Come join us!